By: Dr. Donald Balder


PDO "lip flips" or enhancement are a special type of twist thread that untwists and promotes volume and the production of collagen where they are placed.  They can substitute for routine lip filler, and patients agree that the PDO Lip Flip looks more natural than "plastic". It is a perfect treatment for people that want more youthful appearing sexy lips.  PDO thread placement nicely highlights the "cupids bow", the vermillion border and the lower lid pooch without bulking or ducking of the lips.  The procedure takes about 10-15 minutes including a quick dental block numbing V2 and V3 nerve areas with lidocaine to make this a pain-free procedure.  Unlike neurotoxins such as Botox, the PDO thread lift last much longer (12-18 months vs 4-5 months) and does not decrease ones ability to suck thru a straw like the neurotoxins can. For those that want more bulk, fillers can be done in combination with PDO threads. Lastly, this procedure can be done concomitantly with a myriad of other PDO facial lifting procedures, facial resurfacing procedures like OPUS PLASMA, and Microneedling to name a few. Join us for a free facial consult  - one step closer to getting those lips picture perfect!

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