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A hernia develops when there is a weak point in the abdominal wall and an organ pushes through, resulting in a bulge or bump. Hernias can result in extreme discomfort and pain, and surgery will often be needed to treat the hernia appropriately. If you have a painful bulge, it should be evaluated in a timely manor. If you feel you may be suffering from the painful discomfort of a hernia, or a new bulge in your abdomen or groin areas, Dr. Donald Balder at Mississippi Institute of Weight Loss & Gulf Coast Aesthetics has the knowledge and expertise to help you. To learn more about hernias and hernia repair surgery, please contact our office today and request a consultation.

At Mississippi Institute of Weight Loss & Gulf Coast Aesthetics, your hernia repair will be usually be performed laparoscopically. During a laparoscopic hernia repair, a small scope, which contains a camera, will be inserted into the treatment area. This camera allows the provider a full view of the hernia on a video monitor for proper treatment. Generally, three other incisions are made so the necessary medical instruments can be inserted to correct the hernia. Once the procedure is complete, Dr Balder determine if early same day discharge is right for you.  There are a subset of patients with very low abdominal wall hernias which may be best served with an open composite hernia repair technique, and Dr Balder has the knowledge and expertise to you help you decide what is best for you. It is normal to experience some soreness at the surgery sites. You will receive recovery instructions before discharge and return for a follow-up appointments to monitor your progress. Please contact Dr. Balder for any questions or concerns regarding the hernia repair surgery.

Great surgeon. Pleased with my abdomoplasty and hernia repair. Staff is kind and efficient. I am over the top pleased with Southern surgical hospital and the medical team. I felt special with the care I recieved there!

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If you or a loved one have been experiencing discomfort in your abdomen or have noticed or felt a painful bulge, contact Mississippi Institute of Weight Loss & Gulf Coast Aesthetics today to request a consultation. It is essential to seek treatment for hernias as soon as possible to prevent further complications, and Dr. Donald Balder is here to help. Please contact us today to learn more about your options for hernia repair in Gulfport, MS so we can help get you the relief you need.

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